Open vSwitch (OVS) is a fully featured, flow-based implementation of a virtual switch which is widely adopted in virtualization environments such as Xen and KVM, as well as being used as a platform in software-defined networks.  OVS maintains a flow table typically hosted in the Linux kernel datapath and identifies flows based on any combination of several L2-L4 fields.  For highly virtualized servers in data centers, OVS enables end servers to participate in the SDN by serving as the on/off ramp to the SDN infrastructure.

The Netronome Solution

accelerated-ovs-insetNetronome’s flow processors and software accelerate the virtual switch inside the x86 server. The combined solution offloads the OVS data path, enabling highly virtualized services to scale to 10-100GbE data rates. Application and control tasks are handled by a general purpose CPU and data plane flow forwarding is handled by the NFP. With data path offload, host CPU resources are restored to business applications and network services. OVS 1.11 match fields and actions are supported and managed with standard OVSDB, making it fully compatible with SDNs in today’s data centers.

Accelerated OVS
Solution Brief
Selective and Transparent
OVS Offload Whitepaper
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Virtualization Whitepaper
OpenFlow Protocol


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