Agilio CX 2x40GbE with OVS-TC

OVS-TC with an Agilio CX SmartNIC can improve a simple L2 forwarding use case by at least 2X. When scaled to real life use cases with complex rules tunneling and using more flows, the Netronome solution provides an average improvement of 16X over the competition.

  • Agilio CX OVS-TC
  • OVS-TC leads the way in virtual switching at scale by accelerating the Linux networking stack.

    The benchmark results shown in this white paper confirm that Netronome Agilio SmartNICs with OVS-TC can deliver more data to more applications than basic NICs with OVS-DPDK.

    This translates directly to improved server efficiency and a dramatic reduction in TCO, as fewer servers and less data center infrastructure (such as switches, racks, and cabling) are needed to perform a given application workload.

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