Better Than a New Support Website: A Centralized Hub for Help and Assistance

By Quentin Monnet | Aug 15, 2018

You might have used the legacy Netronome support web page in the past. This site served us well for the last decade. However, we want to provide the best user experience for our customers — or simply to people looking for detailed information about our products and services. Therefore, a few months ago, we decided that the old platform needed to be updated. But far beyond a simple refreshing, we wanted to rethink the way we share knowledge with the users of our Agilio SmartNICs.


OVS Offload Models Used with NICs and SmartNICs: Pros and Cons

By Sujal Das | May 23, 2018

As SmartNICs become more popular, more decision makers at companies are being asked to look at the way SmartNICs work – specifically the different offload models related to the OVS datapath, and the pros and cons of each model. In this blog, I will go through and explain these various models. As we go through each model, you will realize that not all of them require offload of the OVS datapath to NIC hardware. In some cases the datapath is actually moved up to the user space as well (some call it on-loading). I will cover all of them using a consistent tabular format for easy readability and comparison. Here we go…

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Agilio SmartNIC Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 and the Performance Impact This Can Have for Users

By Simon Horman | May 08, 2018

What are AgilioⓇ CX SmartNICs? The Agilio CX SmartNICs are based on the Netronome NFP-4000 processor and are available in low profile PCIe and OCP v2 NIC form factors suitable for COTS servers. The NFP-4000 is a programmable 60 core processor with eight threads per core that transparently offloads and accelerates networking data planes. The flow processing cores have an instruction set that is optimized for networking. This ensures an unrivaled level of flexibility within the data plane while maintaining performance.


BPF, eBPF, XDP and Bpfilter… What are These Things and What do They Mean for the Enterprise?

By Nic Viljoen | Apr 16, 2018

You may have been following the development of the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) in the kernel community since 3.15, or you may still associate the Berkeley Packet Filter with the work Van Jacobson did in 1992. You may have used BPF for years with tcpdump, or you may have started to plumb it in your data plane already!


FRnOG 30: Faster Networking à la française

By Quentin Monnet | Mar 27, 2018

There is nothing like a trip to Paris to get an overview of the latest trends in fashion. This is true for clothing, but does it also apply to networking technologies? Usually not.