Nick Tausanovitch

Netronome Spearheads Broad Community-Driven VNF Acceleration Initiative at OPNFV Mini-Summit

By Nick Tausanovitch | Jun 19, 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting for Netronome at the Data Plane and VNF Acceleration Mini Summit, which was part of the OPNFV Summit 2017 in Beijing. This session was sponsored by Netronome and hosted by Open-NFP, a worldwide, community-driven organization that enables open and collaborative research in the area of network function processing in server networking hardware.

Ron Renwick

Congratulations! Your Data Center is Now 100 Percent Virtualized

By Ron Renwick | May 25, 2017

…And you are right back to where you were when everything was bare metal, and specific servers ran specific applications.

Ron Renwick

In-band Network Telemetry – It’s Not Rocket Science

By Ron Renwick | May 24, 2017

No matter what application you run or how your network infrastructure is architected, there is always the need to monitor what is actually happening inside your data center. Once upon a time, we would use physical tap ports and other monitoring solutions that assumed packets traversed from a physical switch to a server and back again.

Nic Viljoen

Netdev Review: No News is Good News

By Nic Viljoen | Apr 19, 2017

The Linux Networking Developers (Netdev) conference is unlike any other in the industry. Conferences are usually a flurry of marketing materials, slick presentations and hyped announcements.

Sujal Das

10 Myths about SDN, NFV and Data Center Switches: Debunked: Part Five

By Sujal Das | Apr 6, 2017

In this blog, I continue debunking myths about the role of data center switches (implemented in both hardware and software) in SDN and NFV deployments.