What We Do

By Netronome | Feb 3, 2020

Netronome has developed a domain-specific architecture (DSA) that allows customers to build accelerators for networking and storage applications in data center and edge computing markets. This delivers efficient and high-performance heterogeneous solutions when paired with multi-core processors. Netronome’s technology can be purchased as hardened IP blocks to build custom SoC silicon devices, as SoC devices, SmartNICs or Smart Edge platforms and related software.

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OpenStack Networking: Where to Next?

By Netronome | Apr 25, 2016

On the heels of the OpenStack Summit in Austin this week, the OpenStack Foundation released a very enlightening User Survey. I read the survey with great interest, focusing on networking features in OpenStack.


The Era of Networking Datapath Flexibility

By Netronome | Apr 11, 2016

With the brunt of networking tasks moving to servers, thanks to the tremendous benefits that SDN and NFV brings to users, the need for networking datapath flexibility has quickly come to the forefront. This is not the first time, though. In the past, networking data path flexibility-related use cases and success criteria have been associated with supplementing features available in fixed function networking ASICs or vendor differentiation. In the new era, use cases and success criteria relate to more compelling and widespread needs: data center infrastructure scaling with efficiency, and speed of innovation.


Open-NFP: A New Forum for Networking Data Plane Acceleration Research

By Netronome | Apr 05, 2016

Netronome held an inaugural P4/C Workshop in November 2015. The conference was a one-day technical hands-on introduction to P4 and C based programming on Netronome intelligent server adapters (ISAs) and was attended by more than twenty universities and companies. More than three-fourths of the attendees developed or conducted research in networking systems and software. Post-conference feedback from the attendees indicated that again more than three fourths planned to use P4 or a combination of P4 and C to code the data plane in networks. At the conference, Netronome also introduced open-nfp.org, a forum for open research in acceleration and offload for network function processing and for collaboration with academic institutions around the world.