What We Do

By Netronome | Feb 3, 2020

Netronome has developed a domain-specific architecture (DSA) that allows customers to build accelerators for networking and storage applications in data center and edge computing markets. This delivers efficient and high-performance heterogeneous solutions when paired with multi-core processors. Netronome’s technology can be purchased as hardened IP blocks to build custom SoC silicon devices, as SoC devices, SmartNICs or Smart Edge platforms and related software.

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The Arrival of SDN 2.0: SmartNIC Performance, COTS Server Efficiency and Open Networking

By Netronome | May 23, 2016

The era of SDN 2.0 has arrived, with strong emphasis on efficient scaling of server-based networking and moving the brains of networking closer to virtual machines (VMs) and virtual network functions (VNFs) now, and containers in the near future. The importance of open networking – aka hardware and software disaggregation and vendor independence – persists. The era of SDN 1.0 was a period of learning and bringing disaggregation and vendor independence to data center network switches. The largest and most advanced data center operators also innovated and deployed server-based networking.


Getting the Most From Multicore Servers

By Netronome | May 13, 2016

Multicore CPUs enjoy a wonderful marriage with virtualization, which has revolutionized the way we use computing resources. Multiple virtual machines (VMs) can come and go dynamically on a single hardware platform, allowing new applications and services to be quickly deployed. The concept of eight or more cores of computing power available in a chip is impressive until you realize how many of those cores are not readily available to run your applications because they are consumed with the overhead of managing network traffic.


The Many Flavors of Open Networking: A Holistic View

By Netronome | May 10, 2016

Open networking is a hot topic these days. When I read about products and initiatives related to open networking, more often than not, the stress is on network switches. The industry has been hurt because in the past, network switches like top of rack (TOR) switches have been closed. Networking in commercial off the shelf (COTS) servers has been open, thanks to the proliferation of Linux server operating systems (OSs), and networking technologies like Open vSwitch (OVS). The industry wants the switch world to follow that successful trend; hence the birth and popularity of the term “open networking.”