What We Do

By Netronome | Feb 3, 2020

Netronome has developed a domain-specific architecture (DSA) that allows customers to build accelerators for networking and storage applications in data center and edge computing markets. This delivers efficient and high-performance heterogeneous solutions when paired with multi-core processors. Netronome’s technology can be purchased as hardened IP blocks to build custom SoC silicon devices, as SoC devices, SmartNICs or Smart Edge platforms and related software.

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Optimizing BPF: Smaller Programs for Greater Performance

By Quentin Monnet | Jan 14, 2020

For decades, the evolution of computing performance has been governed by Moore’s law, which stated that every two years, the size of transistors would decrease and their numbers in dense integrated circuits would double. Then physics caught up, and the industry started to add processing cores to compensate the slow down of that curve (or to be more accurate, the end of frequency scaling)