ODSA Workshop Report: Working Toward an Open Multi-Chiplet Architecture

By Bapi Vinnakota | Feb 04, 2019

The ODSA workgroup held its (First) Workshop on January 29th. We had a very good turnout - almost 70 attendees from 30 plus companies and with 12 speakers from 8 companies.


The ODSA Workshop: Starting off the New Year With an Important Milestone

By Bapi Vinnakota | Jan 03, 2019

January is a big month for the Open Domain-Specific Architecture Workgroup (ODSA) effort, and it all starts off with the first workshop at the end of January. In addition to a brief status update, the workshop will focus on three big goals in 2019:


Netronome and P4: A Brief History and a Roadmap

By Bapi Vinnakota | Jun 28, 2016

Approximately one year ago, Netronome joined The P4 Language Consortium ( and almost immediately began actively contributing to the language’s growth. An anniversary is usually a good time for some introspection.


P4 with the Netronome Server Networking Platform

By Bapi Vinnakota | May 04, 2016

Software-defined networks (SDNs) aim to produce more effective networks by increasing network flexibility and agility. P4 is a new declarative language to describe packet processing in SDNs. P4 builds on the work in the OpenFlow specifications by allowing protocol processing in the data plane to be specified programmatically.


Open-NFP: A New Forum for Networking Data Plane Acceleration Research

By Bapi Vinnakota | Apr 05, 2016

Netronome held an inaugural P4/C Workshop in November 2015. The conference was a one-day technical hands-on introduction to P4 and C based programming on Netronome intelligent server adapters (ISAs) and was attended by more than twenty universities and companies. More than three-fourths of the attendees developed or conducted research in networking systems and software. Post-conference feedback from the attendees indicated that again more than three fourths planned to use P4 or a combination of P4 and C to code the data plane in networks. At the conference, Netronome also introduced, a forum for open research in acceleration and offload for network function processing and for collaboration with academic institutions around the world.