BPF, eBPF, XDP and Bpfilter… What are These Things and What do They Mean for the Enterprise?

By Nic Viljoen | Apr 16, 2018

You may have been following the development of the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) in the kernel community since 3.15, or you may still associate the Berkeley Packet Filter with the work Van Jacobson did in 1992. You may have used BPF for years with tcpdump, or you may have started to plumb it in your data plane already!


Netdev Review: No News is Good News

By Nic Viljoen | Apr 19, 2017

The Linux Networking Developers (Netdev) conference is unlike any other in the industry. Conferences are usually a flurry of marketing materials, slick presentations and hyped announcements.


Scale Up and Scale Out: Monitoring in the Data Plane

By Nic Viljoen | Mar 22, 2016

Last week at the Open Networking Summit, a key topic discussed time and time again was the need to be able to intelligently monitor network traffic in the data plane without significantly impacting performance. Tom Tofigh of the ON Lab and AT&T, Srikanth Vavilapalli of Ericsson and many others called for solutions to this problem. However, this repeatedly led to the objection that current networks would be unable to handle this level of processing in the compute nodes.