Netronome Spearheads Broad Community-Driven VNF Acceleration Initiative at OPNFV Mini-Summit

By Nick Tausanovitch | Jun 19, 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting for Netronome at the Data Plane and VNF Acceleration Mini Summit, which was part of the OPNFV Summit 2017 in Beijing. This session was sponsored by Netronome and hosted by Open-NFP, a worldwide, community-driven organization that enables open and collaborative research in the area of network function processing in server networking hardware.


2017 Prediction: The Move Towards Distributed Security Architectures Accelerates

By Nick Tausanovitch | Jan 17, 2017

The rapid evolution of cloud-based data centers to support virtualized services and containerized applications will accelerate in 2017 and beyond. This will necessitate a move away from traditional data center security architectures, which rely mostly on perimeter-based firewalls, to a more distributed security architecture. This is required because in today’s multi-tenant and multi-group environments, individual applications cannot be trusted, the potential for threat injection inside the data center is real, and the resulting damage can be disastrous.


Virtualization of Mobile Networks Sets the Stage for 5G and IoT

By Nick Tausanovitch | Jan 03, 2017

2017 will be the year that virtualization of mobile networks moves from concept to reality. The benefit of using a cloud-based model to implement network functions, also known as network functions virtualization (NFV), has already been broadly accepted by telecom service providers as a key goal. In fact, the cloudification of mobile networks is a foundational underpinning and key architectural paradigm for 5G and IoT networks and is required to implement functions such as dynamic network slicing, for example.


What Makes a NIC a SmartNIC, and Why is it Needed?

By Nick Tausanovitch | Sep 13, 2016

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the industry regarding the use of SmartNICs (also known as intelligent server adapters (ISAs)) in cloud data center servers to boost performance by offloading CPUs in servers by performing network datapath processing. Of course, performing network offloads on the NIC is not new, with many traditional NICs supporting offload of functions like checksum and segmentation. However, with the recent tectonic shift in cloud data center networking driven by software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), a new class of offload NIC is needed - namely the SmartNIC.


Zero-Trust Security for Cloud Data Centers – How Much Does it Cost?

By Nick Tausanovitch | Aug 09, 2016

The rapid evolution of cloud-based data centers to support virtualized services and applications has created significant challenges for data center security architectures.