Better Than a New Support Website: A Centralized Hub for Help and Assistance

By Quentin Monnet | Aug 15, 2018
You might have used the legacy Netronome support web page in the past. This site served us well for the last decade. However, we want to provide  the best user experience for our customers — or simply to people looking for detailed information about our products and services. Therefore, a few months ago, we decided that the old platform needed to be updated. But far beyond a simple refreshing, we wanted to rethink the way we share knowledge with the users of our Agilio SmartNICs.

And here is the result: Released recently, we are proud to introduce our new support website!

The interface has been deeply reworked, but internally we are still using JIRA, the popular issue management tool. Besides looking more modern, it has been changed so that information is easier to find. The search field is the main element of the page, and should lead you directly to what you are looking for. Just below the search feature, links for checking the status of your tickets, or for creating new ones, are impossible to miss. The rest of the page contains the Knowledge Base, a set of direct links to the most demanded pages associated to the main products and technologies we sell.

Speaking of content pages, you will find that they are far better than the simple and short descriptions from the previous version of the site. They are now rich with information, properly formatted, and can even embed videos. If you haven’t already, try giving a look at the one about eBPF. This is my favorite! Yes, this is in good part because I work on this topic. On that page you can find a variety of resources: some links to download the firmware for eBPF hardware offload on the Agilio CX and FX SmartNICs, of course. But also a link to our GitHub repository, where we published sample XDP applications, or a bpftool binary for working with eBPF, or even video tutorials for learning how to offload eBPF programs. There is a lot of content here, and we resolutely intend to make it the one reference for eBPF offload. But my colleagues are complaining now: “This is not all about eBPF!” Okay, so we do have other pages. What about our user guides for Open vSwitch offload through tc? Or our Basic Firmware User Guide? Or directions for enabling DPDK SR-IOV Support? As you can see, it is a rich center for resources about all the various features of our SmartNICs.

And it will keep growing. Of course, we regularly add new content to the site. But we hope that external users will contribute as well! There is one essential element from the homepage that I have omitted this far: on the rightmost column, you will find links to sections of the new Netronome Forums! This cool new tool is a simple way to answer to simple queries, and to build up a second knowledge base centered around users’ questions. A hub where users could even come and exchange tips about how to set up a given use case. Why not? Of course, there is little content in there for now, but we hope that you will soon find the answers to all the most ”frequently asked questions” in our forums. Do not hesitate to join in and to ask yours! From a general point of view, Netronome has done its best to make it a polished and smooth experience, but if you encounter any issue, please just let use know. We love to hear feedback!

Netronome’s legacy support site remains in place for now, as it is intended to remain in use for existing customers who have deployed Netronome Network Flow Processor solutions prior to 2015. But all other users, all people willing to check our forums, guides and videos, are strongly encouraged to check out the new platform instead. Browse it, enjoy it, and find everything you need to accelerate your network like never before!