Ericsson Cloud SDN and Netronome Agilio CX Demonstration

By Netronome | Feb 22, 2016

This week at Mobile World Congress, Ericsson and Netronome will be holding a joint demonstration in the Ericsson area showcasing performance and efficiency gains that can be achieved when SmartNICs are used to accelerate and offload networking functions from cloud data center servers or hyperscale data center systems like the Ericsson HDS-8000.The demonstration showcases integration of Ericsson’s Cloud SDN platform, providing dynamic and seamless L3 VPN connectivity, with Netronome’s Agilio CX SmartNICs and Agilio software to provide dramatic acceleration for datapath performance, while at the same time providing significant server CPU offload.

Agilio CX Illustration

The demonstration will show advanced server-to-server tunneling, under Ericsson Cloud SDN control and OpenStack orchestration.The demonstration will show that Netronome’s transparent offload of Open vSwitch (OVS) and VXLAN tunnel processing can dramatically boost data throughput rates, providing line rate forwarding at 40GbE speeds, while reducing server CPU utilization by over 50% over software based processing on the server. In addition, we will show that this high performance can be achieved with high flexibility and high scalability for policies, which is critical for operators to enforce security and compliance.

We will further explain how these performance and efficiency gains translate directly into TCO savings of up to 5x for service providers and data center operators. We will show how IT Cloud and NFV applications workloads can be implemented with significantly less server and network resources when Netronome’s Agilio CX adapters are used for acceleration and offload of server based networking functions.

The demonstration is a proof point that Ericsson Cloud SDN Controller (based on latest OpenDaylight release and leveraging Open vSwitch latest enhancement) enables innovative approach providing true business benefits to our Telco NFV and IT Cloud customers.

For a more in-depth explanation of this joint solution and a detailed explanation of the TCO benefits, see our solution brief Ericsson Cloud SDN with Netronome Agilio Server Networking Platform Achieves Massive TCO Savings in Cloud Data Centers.