Netronome at RSA 2016 - A Platform For Security Acceleration

By Netronome | Feb 27, 2016

Next week Netronome will be exhibiting at RSA 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Of all of the conferences that we attend, RSA is the best opportunity to see first hand the technology and trends that secure and protect our digital world. Considering what a year 2015 was from a security perspective and what we have to look forward to this year, I think we all would acknowledge that our security footing is not very stable right now. In 2015, we saw some very public and potentially embarrassing data breaches (Ashley Madison amongst many others), hackers hacking other hackers (Italian Hacking Team breach), more Snowden leaks and the incredible fallout regarding privacy in the face of governments trying use backdoors and breakable encryption, DDoS attacks bringing down major web sites, IoT concerns, and ransomware rapidly growing – just to mention a few of the incredible security stories of the year. The 2016 landscape will only be more challenging. The culprits are nothing if not vigilant and capable. Couple this with the incredible amount of bandwidth growth we experience each year and it might leave a security professional scratching his head, “How can I manage the depth and breadth of attack vectors while at the same time my infrastructure is growing from 1/10Gbps to 40/100Gbps?”

This seems like an intractable problem, surely. However, at Netronome, we can help. Now, understand, we are not a security company. We do not build secure compute servers, IDS/IPS solutions, next-gen firewalls, etc. But what we do is provide a platform for end-users and OEMs to offer security solutions that scale to meet the incredible throughputs that we need to scan through to keep our data and infrastructures safe. This platform is in the form of our Agilio SmartNICs and Agilio software which are optimized for security, load balancing, virtualization and SDN delivering unmatched price/performance and scalability for compute and service node applications in service provider and enterprise cloud networks.

At this year’s show, we will be highlighting several of these high-performance use cases enabling security solutions to scale for both compute nodes and service nodes while keeping costs low providing platforms with industry leading TCO with incredible security effectiveness in a live demonstration. More to come on these exciting live demos in a future posting.

During the conference, we will make sure to keep you up to date on any and all interesting factoids from the show. Please make sure to come visit us at booth #1633 in the Moscone Center to see our innovative products and solutions live!