In data center server architectures, the use of offload silicon to allow for more optimized designs, and the use of application specific processors (networking, security, graphics, machine learning) alongside the traditional x86 type general purpose processors is a key growth area. As a leading provider of these heterogeneous processing solutions, Netronome significantly improves the performance and efficiency of modern system on chip (SoC) designs. Using a scalable and extensible “many core” programmable silicon architecture, Netronome unites the speed and flexibility of software innovation with the performance and scalability of hardware, bringing the efficiencies of mega-scale data centers to mainstream server and edge computing markets.

This architecture enables Netronome to build board level products, such as network interface cards (NICs) used in industry-standard server hardware, that provide modern data center functions such as network virtualization, security, load balancing and telemetry. Designed for COTS servers, the high-performance heterogeneous processing capabilities in our products help improve server TCO significantly. Netronome has found significant success with tier-one customers in the cloud service provider and enterprise security and visibility markets, having shipped more than $300M in products and services.

At the heart of this success is Netronome’s deep market knowledge and core competency in the areas of networking, security and heterogeneous processing in servers. Netronome has used this ability to work closely with a number of customers to deliver market-leading platforms.

Utilizing its silicon, board and software-based products, Netronome is serving this evolving, heterogeneous multi-billion dollar, rapidly growing market. Netronome's production-quality hardware and software platforms are available directly to cloud data center service providers, as well as to large enterprises adopting heterogeneous server architectures for SDN and private/hybrid clouds. Netronome products are also available through partners such as OEMs, ODMs, system integrators and VAR channels.

Our Team

Netronome’s team is a collaboration of some of the pioneers of flow processing-based networking technologies, with its roots in industry-leading organizations including AT&T Bell Labs, Broadcom, Cavium, FORE Systems and Intel. Now at Netronome, this diverse team is working together with the unified vision of bringing unprecedented levels of scale and efficiency to modern data center networking applications.


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Netronome utilizes a unique flow processing silicon and software architecture that works in compliance with standard server-based networking software. The result is uniquely built solutions leveraging technologies and architectures proven at mega-scale data centers, delivering the same levels of efficiencies to enterprises and service providers.