Large Cloud Server Provider

Anonymous customer




Agilio Software with Open vSwitch Offload, Open Daylight Controller and OpenStack-based cloud orchestration


x86 1RU Server with Agilio CX 2x10GbE and 2x40GbE SmartNIC


  • Higher VM application performance
  • Distributed zero-cost security
  • More VMs per server
This case study involves Netronome, a large server ODM and an OpenStack-based cloud orchestration independent software provider (ISV). The large server ODM supplies COTS servers to high volume cloud applications. The ISV provides fully qualified and robust OpenStack solutions to enterprises and service providers. The joint solution with Netronome’s Agilio server networking platform implements zero-trust security using data center zero-trust technologies using OVS and Linux firewall. Very high levels of security are implemented while improving server performance and efficiency, enabling more VMs per server.