Large NFV-Optimized Server Provider



SDN and NFV-optimized Server


Agilio Software with OVS Offload, OEM SDN Controller and Mobile Core NFV applications


x86 1RU server with Agilio CX 2x10GbE and 2x40GbE SmartNIC


  • Higher NFV application performance
  • More VMs per server
  • Flexible SDN control using OpenFlow
Ericsson provides a robust SDN controller that is used to provision networking and network functions virtualization (NFV) applications. The SDN Controller uses OpenFlow and OVSDB interfaces for provisioning networking functions, and utilizes Open vSwitch (OVS) with KVM as the networking services layer in the server. The NFV applications implemented in VMs cater to the needs of 3G and 4G LTE mobile core customers worldwide and require high throughput in Mpps. As such SR-IOV with full OVS datapath offload is a requirement. Features such as VM migration needs to be supported without sever performance degradation. The Netronome Agilio server-based networking platform with full OVS offload is being benchmarked and tested by Ericsson for integration into their server and SDN Controller offering.