Large Telco Cloud Services Provider (Anonymous)

Anonymous customer


NFV-optimized Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)


Agilio Software with Open vSwitch Offload


x86 1RU Server with Agilio CX 2x40GbE SmartNIC


  • Higher NFV application performance
  • More scale and performance per rack
  • Lower TCO
This large telecommunications cloud services provider (CSP) uses the open virtual switch (OVS) for server-based networking functions such as network virtualization, security, traffic engineering and analytics. The CSP wants to use innovations in open source OVS and include additional features where needed, including upstreaming those features for future inclusion into standard OVS. The CSP has a traditional IAAS use case where VM applications are general purpose but require higher levels of distributed security. It has a second use case where VM workloads are more I/O intensive and require higher levels of performance. Both uses cases require high performance and efficient server-based networking implementations using COTS servers. Features such as VM migration needs to be supported without sever performance degradation. This CSP is actively testing the Agilio Software and Agilio CX based server networking platform to meet the needs of its applications. The CSP is also working with Netronome to implement new OVS features rapidly, add new features into OVS and upstream them.