Security Appliance OEM



Lawful Intercept


Cybersecurity Application Software with Customer Lawful Intercept Application on x86.


x86 Platform with one or two NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapters connected to a Merchant Switch for 1-, 10, and 40-GbE ports scale out.


  • High-capacity and high performance flow policies
  • Dynamic load balancing, and intelligent filtering
  • Using low-cost, x86-based platform
Lawful intercept (LI) is obtaining communications network data pursuant to lawful authority for the purpose of analysis or evidence. Such data generally consist of signaling or network management information as well as the full content of network communications. This requires deep analysis of massive amounts of data to specifically highlight the communication flows of particular interest to law enforcement. SS8 uses Netronome’s NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapters to scale this data analysis to 100s of Gigabits per second as a front end to x86 processors to filter out up to 90% of traffic that is not relevant to intercept. The Netronome NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapters are used for L2-L7 classification, stateful flow processing, and flow-based load balancing of traffic. The x86 processors are then used for application/control processing deep packet inspection, analytics, content inspection, behavioral heuristics, and forensics; all required for lawful intercept. Without Netronome’s processors and this heterogeneous architecture, the general purpose processors could not keep up with the required throughputs of lawful intercept application processing.