Security Appliance OEM

blue coat


SSL Appliance


Custom data plane software implemented on the NFP by customer.


x86 Platform with one or two NFE-3240 PCIe appliance adapters connected to a merchant switch for 1-, 10, and 40-GbE ports scale out.


  • Large flow table for managing SSL and non-SSL sessions
  • Dynamic cut-through, and PKI acceleration
  • Industry-leading session setup rates using low-cost, x86-based platform
Blue Coat uses Netronome NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapters to build the industry’s highest-performance transparent proxy for analysis of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) network communications, providing applications access to the plaintext in SSL-encrypted connections. Netronome’s network processing and cryptography acceleration hardware are leveraged to forward non-SSL traffic at multi-Gbps rates providing unmodified applications visibility into the content of SSL traffic. Beyond industry-defining performance, the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance increases network security while significantly minimizing deployment and operational costs by simplifying network configuration of the SSL proxy. Deployed passively or as a bump-in-the-wire, the solution enables existing security and network applications to obtain access to the plaintext within SSL-secured flows, thereby extending the benefits of existing security and forensics applications to SSL-encrypted traffic.