Security OEM

Level 3


Intrusion Detection System (IDS)


Cybersecurity Application Software with Snort on x86


COTS x86 server with single NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapter


  • Intelligent load balancing and filtering
  • Using low-cost, x86-based platform

Level 3 Network-Based Security solutions utilize the Netronome NFE-3240 PCIe Appliance Adapter to provide high performance and efficient protection in the following areas:

  • DDoS Mitigation: Combines enhanced network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering with advanced network-based mitigation through regionally distributed scrubbing centers.
  • Network-Based Managed Firewall: Provides global, diverse, secure internet access for improved latency and application performance.
  • Email and Web Defense: Offers inbound and outbound email filtering, encryption, continuity and web-content control.
  • Real-Time Security Reporting: Equips you with security analytics tools that can manipulate data and create custom, downloadable reports.