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Networking Appliance


Agilio Software with DPDK and OVS acceleration


x86 system with four sockets and four PCIe Gen3x8 connecting with NFP-6000 device. Modular IO with 10, 40 and 100GbE ports.


  • Dynamic load balancing to sockets, support for 10M+ flows
  • NUMA scaling using multi-PCIe and multi-threaded memory operations with hardware acceleration
  • High network port to network port performance

The FWA-6522C is Advantech’s second-generation ultra-high-end network appliance based on Netronome’s NFP-6000 device family. It supports 100G flow processing in a 2U footprint. The platform is a highly integrated appliance designed to boost performance where I/O density and processing power need to be maximized, especially for network security, deep packet inspection and traffic/policy management in non-virtualized and virtualized environments such as SDN and NFV. Designed for handling the increased data rates in next generation networking infrastructure it supports connectivity of up to four 100GbE ports in a compact 2U form factor. While offering performance levels that previously required more complex and costly architectures, Advantech’s solution integrates seamlessly with standard software frameworks such as Linux, Open vSwitch (OVS) and Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).

Designed to meet next generation networking needs at speeds of multiple 100Gbps, the FWA-6522C is architected around four Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4600 v3 CPUs with support for SKUs up to 18 cores (72 cores total) and 1TB of system DRAM via 32 DIMMs (8 per CPU socket) for handling large workloads. The FWA-6522C inherits the stacked motherboard design from its predecessor for better maintenance and serviceability. The dual motherboard design provides better performance by running QPI interfaces at 9.6GT/s between processors to reduce cross-socket memory I/O latencies and increases throughput between processors.

The system incorporates Netronome’s NFP-6240 silicon that acts as an intelligent load balancer between the external networking ports and the integrated Intel® Xeon® processors. Unlike conventional network appliances that use the QPI interfaces of the processors to route traffic between cores and virtual cores on different sockets, the NFP-6240 inside the FWA-6522C is connected to the four Intel® Xeon® processors using four distinct PCIe x8 Gen3 connections, which enables network traffic to be delivered to the destination cores with optimized throughput and minimum latency.