Light Reading Webinar

Aug 24, 2016 - 11: 00 a.m. ET, Registration Required

Netronome expert, Ron Renwick, will present, "Improving Application Performance Through Datapath Offload". This informative webinar will be hosted by Heavy Reading's Senior Analyst Roz Roseboro. Telco and data center operators are deploying new architectures to support SDN and NFV. As a result, networking tasks are increasingly supported by servers instead of switches.

While this can improve datapath flexibility, it also puts tremendous strain on CPU. SmartNICs designed for COTS servers, such as Netronome’s Agilio intelligent server adapters, effectively serve the new era of networking datapath flexibility. They bring the best of both worlds to address mainstream data center SDN and NFV applications: The speed of software innovation is united with the performance and efficiency of hardware.

The result is increased agility of new feature rollouts and significantly improved server efficiency by enabling more applications, VMs or containers per server while increasing throughput.

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