Open vSwitch

OVS+OVN '19 Conference

Dec 10, 2019 - Dec 11, 2019 - Red Hat, Westford, MA - Registration Required

John Hurley's "Open vSwitch Internal Ports: what are they and how can they be offloaded?" presentation examines the functionality of internal ports and how rules applied to them can be represented on offload devices. It discusses changes upstreamed to the OvS TC API within the past year that allows OvS to implement topologies utilizing internal ports in TC datapaths and, in turn, hardware datapaths. The talk further describes techniques that can be applied to significantly increase the performance achieved in scenarios such an encap/decap over VLAN.

Simon Horman's "Kernel-Based Offloads of OVS" presentation will take a look at the evolution of kernel-based offloads for OVS examining the offload model adopted by the upstream kernel, features currently supported, and possible future developments in this area.

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