Webinar: BPF Hardware Offload Deep Dive

Sep 25, 2018 - 11:00 a.m. EDT, Registration required, space is limited!

Presented by Jakub Kicinski

The first version of eBPF hardware offload was merged to Linux kernel in October 2016 and became part of Linux v4.9. For the last two years the project has been growing and evolving to integrate closer with core kernel infrastructure and enable more advanced use cases. This talk will explain the internals of the kernel architecture of the offload and how it allows seamless execution of unmodified eBPF datapaths in HW.

1. Short intro to NFP HW
2. Mapping eBPF onto NFP hardware
3. Integrating with kernel verifier for program offload
4. Offload of eBPF maps
5. Split hardware/driver processing

About the Presenter
Jakub Kicinski is a long term Linux kernel contributor, who has been leading the kernel team at Netronome for the last two years. Jakub’s major contributions include creation of BPF hardware offload mechanisms in the kernel and bpftool user space utility, as well as work on Linux kernel side of Open vSwitch offload.

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