Fall eBPF Webinar Series

Webinar: Demystify BPF JIT Compiler

Sep 11, 2018 - 11:00 a.m. EDT, Registration required, space is limited!

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Presented by Jiong Wang

This webinar will focus on eBPF JIT compilation infrastructure and how it plays an important role in the entire eBPF life cycle inside the Linux kernel. First, it does quite a number of control flow checks to reject vulnerable programs and then JIT compiles the eBPF program to either host or offloading target instructions which boost performance. However, there is little documentation about this topic which this webinar will dive into.

1. eBPF loader and ELF
2. eBPF verifier, control flow checks and security concerns
3. eBPF JIT compiler, code generation and performance
4. NFP-specific code generation and performance tuning
5. Emerging eBPF features to release more programming liabilities
6. Summary

Three common questions will be answered during the webinar:
Question 1: What's eBPF and why do we need a JIT compiler for it?
Question 2: Why it is critical to know the eBPF JIT compiler internals?
Question 3: How are Netronome's NFP and Agilio SmartNICs effectively supported by the eBPF JIT compiler?

About the Presenter
Jiong is a senior software engineer at Netronome currently working on optimizing Netronome eBPF offload JIT compiler as well as improving eBPF generic control flow and data flow analysis infrastructure. He previously worked for Arm on optimizing AArch64 GNU toolchain. Before Arm, Jiong worked for Tilera on porting GNU Gold linker and Google Chrome V8 Javascript JIT compiler to TileGX. Jiong holds both a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering and computer science from University of Electronic and Science Technology of China.