• Packet SVG

    "With this platform we are bringing the lessons of hyperscale providers directly to the edge with a disaggregated, accelerator-based architecture and a custom designed hardware model. We see cloud-native network workload driving huge demand at the infrastructure edge and the combination of SmartNIC technology and eBPF expertise from Netronome brings not only significant cost savings but also unique performance capabilities to our content, IoT and Telco customers."

    Zachary Smith, CEO, Packet

  • redhat svg

    "Red Hat’s enterprise-grade Linux platform forms the foundation for cloud and NFV infrastructure by providing the fast pace of open source project innovation on a stable platform for production deployment. The deep and standards-based integration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the Netronome SmartNIC platform provides enterprises with a broader choice of efficient networking devices and helps organizations be better prepared for future innovations in open networking. Linux provides enterprises with a broader choice in efficient networking devices as well as a pathway towards future innovations in open networking."

    Gunnar Hellekson, Senior Director, Product Management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat.

  • ericsson

    "With the NFV market entering production phase, efficient operations require a clean demarcation between VNF services and SDN/NFV infrastructure networking layers while being able to meet the performance levels needed for the next phase of NFV realization. Agilio SmartNIC technology from Netronome enables Ericsson to satisfy mission-critical enterprise workloads and meet cost-per-bit challenge of 5G and fiber access evolution."

    Francois Lemarchand, Head of NFVI Product Strategy, Ericsson

  • China Telecom

    "Guangzhou Research Institute of China Telecom has successfully applied Netronome’s Agilio SmartNIC to implement the PPP offloading function for broadband vBRAS, achieving good results. We will continue to cooperate with Netronome in performance optimization."

    Liang Ou, SDN/NFV Architect of Guangzhou Research Institute, China Telecom

  • Spirent

    "As the industry moves towards large-scale deployments of NFV, the need to create and measure benchmarks for performance and efficiency of the server infrastructure is key. Netronome and Spirent solutions help understand impact of CPU offloads, accelerate and fine tune the performance of NFVi and VNFs, thereby allowing customers to bypass virtualization bottlenecks."

    Malathi Malla, Director of Products and Marketing, Virtual and Cloud Solutions at Spirent Communications

  • Juniper Networks

    "Juniper is dedicated to helping our customers build highly scalable and reliable networks that utilize automation and intelligence to deliver new services efficiently and economically. Teaming up with Affirmed and Netronome allows us to deliver solutions that enable mobile service offerings, without compromising performance, reliability or scalability. This announcement also further solidifies Contrail Networking as a leading SDN Controller in a carrier-grade cloud platform to empower virtualized network functions as demanding and distributed as the Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud for mobile core services."

    Paul Obsitnik, Vice President of Portfolio Marketing, Juniper Networks

  • Mirantis

    "Mirantis’ customers run production workloads that often challenge performance and capacity limits of software-defined networking technologies. We are therefore excited to offer cutting-edge options for network acceleration to our customers. The solution from Netronome increases capacity and efficiency in private and on-premise clouds, enabling performance that was previously only possible with more expensive dedicated hardware-based solutions."

    Rikard Kjellberg, Vice President Product Technology Group, Mirantis

  • Nuage Networks

    "Nuage Networks VSP has been deployed in enterprise and service provider clouds of all sizes and architectures. Our customers around the world have realized the benefits of SDN to eliminate constraints in deploying and managing their networks. Netronome takes that efficiency even further by providing hardware acceleration for SDN networking while preserving the flexibility of our platform."

    Charles Ferland, Vice President of Business Development, Nuage Networks

  • Barefoot Networks

    "Barefoot Networks is delighted to demonstrate ubiquitous network visibility on a per-packet basis together with Netronome. Having real-time and accurate telemetry information is crucial for running networks reliably today. The combination of our Tofino Ethernet switch with the Agilio SmartNIC from Netronome gives network operators the flexibility to define and extract the metrics they need diagnose and fix bad behavior across the entire network."

    Ed Doe, Vice President of Product and Marketing, Barefoot Networks

  • Mirantis

    "Zero-trust security implemented using OpenStack security groups fills many holes in traditional perimeter-based firewalling exacerbated by increasing east-west traffic. The integration of the Agilio CX 25GbE and Linux Firewall platform with Mirantis OpenStack solves this multi-dimensional challenge by improving performance, scale and economies for both east-west traffic and servers implementing zero-trust security."

    Kamesh Pemmaraju, Vice President of Product Marketing, Mirantis

  • IDC

    "Increasing traffic and an explosion in the number of VMs has led many companies to want to firewall their infrastructure on a per-VM basis. By offloading Linux firewall functionality onto the Agilio CX adapter, Netronome allows companies to enable stateful firewalls for each VM without overloading server CPUs."

    Abhi Dugar, Research Director, Cloud Infrastructure Semiconductors and IoT security, IDC

  • IHS

    "OpenStack orchestration combined with open source networking solutions is one of the top use cases for SDN/NFV, and high performance with detailed application telemetry allowing large scale cost effective data center deployments are a must have. The technologies and capabilities demonstrated by Netronome with its Agilio CX products, integrated with OpenStack, target this important market requirement, a strategic thought leadership position for Netronome."

    Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Senior Research Director for Data Center, Cloud and SDN, IHS

  • Ericsson

    "Whether for traditional IT workloads or Telco NFV workloads the integration of Ericsson Cloud SDN Controller (based on OpenDaylight) with Agilio CX demonstrates significant improvement in both the performance delivered to VMs and the gains in server efficiency, which are significant challenges. Ericsson supports open collaborative work in this area and is excited to participate with Netronome in the development and deployment of OVS datapath offload."

    Francois Lemarchand, Head of SDN Strategy, Product Line SDN and Policy Control, Ericsson

  • China Telecom

    "Virtual switches have become an integral part of data center networking, however performance becomes a significant impediment at 10Gb/s and higher data rates. Agilio CX SmartNICs save significant CPU cycles while improving performance for server-based networking features such as virtual tunnel end points and policies per VM or tenant, enabling higher service levels at lower cost."

    Chen Li, SDN Project Manager, China Mobile

  • Fujitsu

    "Programmable networking datapath implementation in hardware can enable differentiated performance and service levels on a per NFV application or per customer basis. The P4 datapath programming language, as supported by Netronome’s Agilio CX SmartNICs and related development tools, is simple and hardware agnostic, allowing for rapid and future-proofed networking datapath innovation."

    Seiji Miyoshi, senior executive officer, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Limited

  • Juniper Networks

    "The Juniper Networks Contrail vRouter, one of the key components of the Contrail SDN solution, is ideal for orchestrating and automating cloud networks. The Contrail vRouter and its ability to provide highly scalable secure virtual networks, combined with SmartNICs such as Agilio CX, allows the acceleration of a broad set of networking functions and the ability to evolve rapidly with changing needs."

    Ankur Singla, corporate vice president and general manager of cloud software, Juniper Networks

  • Ericsson

    "Ericsson’s Cloud SDN Platform based on OpenDaylight, leverages open source technologies such as Open vSwitch and OpenStack to provide a flexible and scalable networking framework for deploying IT and NFV services. Integration of the Netronome Agilio SmartNIC and software solution into the Ericsson Cloud SDN solution results in up to five times more output per server rack, helping lower overall dollar per compute resource in the data center infrastructure"

    Elena Romero, head of product line SDN and policy control, Ericsson

  • Tieto

    "Netronome’s Agilio SmartNICs provide an excellent platform to showcase Tieto’s expertise in NFV solutions. The Tieto and Netronome collaboration has demonstrated a 5X performance improvement over conventional solutions for virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) while preserving the benefits of virtualization on COTS hardware."

    Nicholas Hamblin, Head of Cloud and IP Business Unit, Tieto

  • 451 Research

    "Server-based network innovation such as overlay virtual networks has been a key element of data center virtualization initiatives. However, as CPU performance and “East/West” network traffic continue to grow, less and less of the CPU is available for the compute workload, and the software value proposition falls apart. Netronome communications-optimized and programmable silicon, and the seamless OVS acceleration with OpenStack management as delivered by its Agilio solution, cost-effectively enables the CPU to deliver more application and system throughput, and can enable the broader adoption of server-based networking."

    Peter Christy, Research Director, 451 Research

  • IDC

    "Existing server adapters are challenged to keep pace with rapidly evolving host-based networking solutions. The Agilio CX SmartNICs couple the server-based networking software layer with high-performance hardware, enabling rapid deployment of new networking features as they become available. This saves valuable time to market and increases data center infrastructure efficiency."

    Abhi Dugar, Research Director, Cloud Infrastructure and IoT security, IDC

  • IHS

    "As networking bandwidth demands reach 10GbE speeds and beyond, virtual networking begins to consume significant server CPU cycles, starving applications. After significant innovation in software, the market is ready for hardware innovation to offload processing–intensive networking functions. Netronome with its Agilio platform is well positioned to meet this need."

    Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Research Director for Data Center, Cloud and SDN, IHS