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Tuning OpenStack Hardware for the Enterprise

November 22, 2016

As a cloud management framework OpenStack thus far been limited to the province of telecommunications carriers and providers of Web-scale services that have plenty of engineering talent to throw at managing one of the most ambitious open source projects there is.

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Netronome 2017 Predictions: Virtualization of Mobile Networks Sets the Stage for 5G and IoT

November 21, 2016

2017 will be the year that virtualization of mobile networks moves from concept to reality. The benefit of using a cloud-based model to implement network functions, also known as network functions virtualization (NFV), has already been broadly accepted by telecom service providers as a key goal.

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Server-based open networking taxes the CPU, so offload to an intelligent server adapter

November 17, 2016

ISAs can boost performance 5X and free up as many as 11 CPU cores from network-related processing, enabling greater VM scalability and lower costs

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Coprocessors Will Be Key to NFV Success

October 31, 2016

When it comes to telecommunication carriers delivering network services, there has never been a more transformative time. Every provider of a network service is, to one degree or another, recrafting its entire IT infrastructure environment to achieve increased agility and higher scalability at a much lower total cost.

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Optimizing Data Center TCO with SDN and Server-Based Networking

October 03, 2016

In a modern data center, servers account for nearly half of operations costs. Other data center costs include infrastructure, power consumption, and hardware networking (cabling, switches, patch panels, etc.).

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