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SDX Central

Optimizing Data Center TCO with SDN and Server-Based Networking

October 03, 2016

In a modern data center, servers account for nearly half of operations costs. Other data center costs include infrastructure, power consumption, and hardware networking (cabling, switches, patch panels, etc.).

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SmartNICs: Give your OpenStack network a boost

September 29, 2016

Software-programmable network interface cards combine CPU offload with central control, providing more speed and flexibility than SR-IOV or DPDK

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Datacenter Dynamics

Enabling Zero-Trust security for cloud data centers

September 02, 2016

Cloud-based data centers have evolved rapidly to support virtualized services and applications, and this has created significant challenges for data center security architectures. T

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Network Matter

OpenStack Summit 2016: Netronome Offers Scalable Zero-Trust Security and Higher-Performance Connectivity with New 25G Adapter

August 31, 2016

At the August 2016 OpenStack Summit, Netronome announced enhancements to its Agilio Server Networking Platform with the introduction of the Agilio CX dual-port 25GbE intelligent server adapter (ISA) and Agilio OVS Firewall software.

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SDX Central

How Hardware Can Boost NFV Adoption

August 22, 2016

These days there’s clearly a massive amount of interest in all things relating to network function virtualization (NFV). But based on historical trends, the adoption of high-performance hardware can boost NFV adoption by providing a ...

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