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AIC Announces New Hardware Bundle with SB122A-PH NVMe Servers and Netronome Agilio SmartNICs to Eliminate I/O Bottleneck for Networking Workloads

March 29, 2017

AIC announces the availability of its new hardware bundling solution which combines its SB122A-PH servers with Netronome Agilio CX SmartNICs and software.

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Cloud Tech

A guide: Using SmartNICs to implement zero-trust cloud security

March 23, 2017

In an age of zero-trust security, enterprises are looking to secure individual virtual machines (VMs) in their on-premise data centres, cloud or hybrid environments to prevent increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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Enterprise Networking Planet

Closing in on the Intelligent Network

March 23, 2017

Enterprise networking is quickly shifting from a hardware/software construct to all-software. This means configuration management, system relationships and other architectural elements will transition from today’s admin/management approach to software development processes in short order.

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Data Center Dynamics

The case for Express Virtio

March 20, 2017

Poor server infrastructure efficiency is the resounding common theme among data center operators using or planning to use OpenStack.

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Silicon Angle

How can you see the network through the microservice jumble?

March 14, 2017

Microservices are giving enterprises more options than the old all-in-one proprietary vendors ever did. This can only be a boon, right? Well, yes and no, according to two guests on a recent segment with theCUBE.

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