Netronome Brings Efficient Hardware-Accelerated OpenStack Networking to a Wide Range of Cloud Applications

April 25, 2016

Demonstrations of Agilio Server Networking Platform with Enhanced OpenStack Networking Showcases Up To 6X Lower Total Cost of Ownership for Broader Cloud IaaS, Enterprise IT and Telco NFV Workloads

OPENSTACK SUMMIT, AUSTIN, TEXAS – APRIL 25, 2016 – Netronome, a leading provider of high-performance intelligent networking solutions, today announced the SDN and NFV industry’s first ever demonstrations of high-performance, efficient cloud networking orchestration using OpenStack together with a comprehensive range of popular open source server-based networking solutions. With Agilio™ CX intelligent server adapters and software from Netronome, hardware-based efficiencies currently available in OpenStack networking can now be extended beyond small point-of-presence (POP) NFV clusters to a wide range of cloud networking applications seen in mega-scale data centers.

These demonstrations, developed in collaboration with industry partners such as Ericsson and Mirantis, showcase seamless acceleration of open source datapath implementations, specifically, Open vSwitch (OVS) and Stateful Firewall (Connection Tracking) using Agilio CX intelligent server adapters. At the same time, the enterprise-grade cloud orchestration and agility benefits delivered by OpenStack are preserved. The result of this effort, which also will be incorporated as an enhanced OpenStack networking plug-in architecture specification, is that data centers can accelerate applications such as network virtualization, security, load balancing and telemetry using different data plane options suitable for use cases spanning traditional IT to IaaS and Telco NFV workloads.

Server-based networking has evolved as the most widely deployed form of SDN, enabling significant data center infrastructure efficiencies and faster pace of innovation. The demonstrations and proposed specification incorporate enhancements that extend existing OpenStack networking plug-ins to incorporate seamless hardware-based acceleration of the entire datapath implemented in server-based networking technologies such as OVS and Connection Tracking for Stateful Firewall. As a result, critical networking functions that would otherwise hamper performance of the OpenStack implementation are offloaded to the Agilio platform, accommodating significantly more virtual machines per server leading to up to 6X lower TCO and higher services revenue per server compared to traditional NICs.

“The OpenStack platform has become the de facto cloud and SDN orchestration tool and server-based networking has become the cornerstone of pervasive SDN and cloud-based networks,” said Sujal Das, senior vice president and general manager, strategy and marketing at Netronome. “Our flagship Agilio product-based demonstrations and proposed open specification bring much needed hardware-based efficiency to that mix.”

“Mirantis OpenStack delivers comprehensive cloud orchestration tools that are optimized for Enterprise IT and NFV deployments,” said Kamesh Pemmaraju, vice president of product marketing at Mirantis. “Utilizing Netronome’s expertise in server-based networking and its Agilio intelligent server adapters, our joint pioneering work promises to provide the industry with new OpenStack networking capabilities that will enable rapid SDN deployments, delivering significantly higher networking performance and increases in server efficiency.”

“OpenStack orchestration combined with open source networking solutions is one of the top use cases for SDN/NFV, and high performance with detailed application telemetry allowing large scale cost effective data center deployments are a must have,” said Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., IHS senior research director for data center, cloud and SDN. “The technologies and capabilities demonstrated by Netronome with its Agilio CX products, integrated with OpenStack, target this important market requirement, a strategic thought leadership position for Netronome.”

“Whether for traditional IT workloads or Telco NFV workloads the integration of Ericsson Cloud SDN Controller (based on OpenDaylight) with Agilio CX demonstrates significant improvement in both the performance delivered to VMs and the gains in server efficiency, which are significant challenges.” said Francois Lemarchand, Head of SDN Strategy, Product Line SDN & Policy Control at Ericsson.“Ericsson supports open collaborative work in this area and is excited to participate with Netronome in the development and deployment of OVS data path offload.”

Product Availability

Beta releases of products that integrate OpenStack with Agilio Software for OVS and Stateful Firewall and an open enhanced OpenStack networking plug-in architecture specification are expected in Q3 2016.The specification enhancements will propose extension of the current SR-IOV OpenStack plug-in mechanism for efficient packet delivery to virtual machines and add the OVS, Stateful Firewall and vRouter data paths implemented in intelligent server adapters such as Netronome’s Agilio CX products. Through support of innovative VirtIO extensions, hardware-based performance and efficiency benefits are delivered without compromising operational agility, while virtual machine migration capabilities needed for efficient server resource utilization are preserved.

      Product Demonstrations Featured During OpenStack Summit (April 25-28, 2016)

      Multiple demonstrations will showcase prototype implementations of the enhanced OpenStack networking plug-in architecture, and how such solutions can be applied to a broader range of cloud networking applications:

      • Demonstrations at the Netronome booth (C5) will showcase OpenStack integration with Agilio-accelerated Stateful Firewall for enterprise IT workloads and micro-segmentation based zero-trust security

      • Demonstrations at the Netronome booth (C5) will showcase OpenStack integration with Agilio-accelerated Contrail vRouter for enterprise and Telco NFV applications

      • Demonstration at the Ericsson booth (D5) will showcase OpenStack integration with Agilio-accelerated Open vSwitch and Ericsson Cloud SDN platform for traditional IT and NFV applications

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