Netronome Hosts P4/C Developer’s Conference For Host-Based Networking Data Path Experts

November 17, 2015

Santa Clara, CA – November 17, 2015 – Netronome, a leading provider of high-performance intelligent networking solutions, today announced its inaugural P4/C developer’s conference for networking data path experts designing or conducting research on host-based networking applications. P4, a high-level data path programming language defined by the P4 Consortium, is a promising technology that can be augmented with C-based applications to enable hardware-accelerated and host-based networking data path functions such as virtualization, security, traffic management, and telemetry applications.

At the conference, commercial and academic developers will learn about the Netronome® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes the open-source P4 compiler and its C compiler. The IDE can be used to develop new networking data path applications that can be programmed into a high-performance SmartNIC. Developers will be taught how to use the IDE as well as learn to write P4-only, P4 and C, and C-only data path applications through five hands-on labs.

Host-based networking adoption has evolved rapidly, thanks to the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). It improves the efficiency of data centers and enables rapid innovation and fast feature roll-outs. P4/C-based data path programming in hardware—such as Netronome’s SmartNICs—can help not only maintain those benefits, but also increase performance and efficiency. More than fifty experts from companies such as AT&T and Ericsson, and universities such as MIT and USC, are registered for the conference.

All proceedings from the conference will be made available on the new community-driven web portal that will be introduced at the conference. The site will also provide a foundation for continued work by P4/C developers with tools, libraries, and hardware-related information.