Netronome to Present at Open Networking Summit

March 11, 2016

Netronome to Address Increasing Networking Capabilities at the Edge of the Network using Server-based Networking

SANTA CLARA, CA – MARCH 11, 2016 – Netronome, a leading provider of high-performance intelligent networking solutions, will be participating in a joint plenary session with AT&T on March 15, 2016, at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, CA. In the session, Netronome will be discussing the Cloud and SDN-driven paradigm of “Intelligence at the Edge” and what new capabilities are uncovered through the combination of Intelligent Server Adapters (ISAs) and x86 CPUs when implementing server-based networking. Learn more here.

Nic Viljoen, Research Engineer, Netronome
Tom Tofigh, Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T
Bryan Sullivan, Director of Service Standards, AT&T

“The Need for Complex Analytics from Forwarding Pipelines”

Given that the software paradigm leads to faster innovation, we have learned that forwarding pipelines implemented in switches and routers, as well as virtual switches and routers implemented in servers are expected to be programmable and have the ability to support complex analytic measurements. In order for these forwarding pipelines to achieve both high performance packet processing and complex measurement, they need to be programmable as suggested by the P4 consortium. This talk will make an attempt to conceptualize the complexity of current overlay analytics networks and how SDN and P4 approach can be used to program the pipelines for adaptive advanced measurement.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 2:40-3:00pm

Open Networking Summit
Santa Clara Convention Center, Grand Ballroom F
Santa Clara, CA

In addition to the plenary session, Netronome will be running demonstrations of its Agilio™ Server Networking Platform at the conference (Booth #23). The Agilio platform enables businesses of various sizes to dramatically increase the efficiency of their data center compute infrastructure, delivering up to 5X higher throughput while reducing CPU requirements by up to 80 percent compared to traditional NICs. Restoring valuable compute resources reduces customer TCO by delivering unmatched price/performance for compute and service node applications to service provider and enterprise cloud networks, while preserving standard cloud configuration and automation tools.

About Netronome
Netronome enables customers to increase the efficiency of their modern data center infrastructure, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and driving significantly higher revenue per server. Server-based networking has enabled rapid innovation and transformed the economics for data center compute and networking. However, such deployments are facing significant scaling and efficiency challenges with the rapid adoption of 10GbE and higher bandwidth network infrastructure. Netronome brings back much-needed scale and efficiency, without compromising flexibility or the speed of innovation needed in today’s cloud networks running businesses of all sizes.Netronome is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. To learn more about Netronome and its products, please visit

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