Agilio LX SmartNICs

Netronome® Agilio® LX 40 and 100GbE SmartNICs incorporate two PCIe Gen3 x8 interfaces, 8GB of low-latency DDR3 memory, and 96 highly threaded flow processing cores that run accelerated Linux, Open vSwitch and DPDK code. Efficient use of dual-PCIe with multi-threaded memory and hardware accelerator access enable significantly greater NUMA performance in multi-socket systems. The following SmartNIC configurations are supported:

  • Agilio LX SmartNIC 2x40GbE

    SmartNIC Full Height, 2x PCIe Gen3x8

  • Agilio LX SmartNIC 1x100GbE

    SmartNIC Full Height, 2x PCIe Gen3x8


Datapath Offload
VXLAN, NVGRE, MPLS, tunnel encapsulation and de-encapsulation
Flexible packet parsing
Flexible exact and wild-card match/action policy offloads
Flow tracking in hardware for cut-through acceleration
Stateless and stateful load balancing
Per-flow metering and QoS

Acceleration of Compute-intensive Functions
Bulk cryptography for AES-GCM-128 cypher suites and key sizes
Sophisticated hashing and atomic operations
Per-flow real-time statistics
Network Acceleration and Offload
TCP/UDP/IP stateless offload
Intelligent interrupt coalescence
Receive-Side Scaling (RSS)
Single-Root IOV (SR-IOV)
DPDK, zero-copy, kernel bypass
Hierarchical three-level traffic management
Operating Systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu
Hypervisors: Linux KVM


Agilio LX 2x40GbE SmartNICs utilize the Agilio software solution to deliver higher application performance by accelerating Open vSwitch (OVS) and DPDK based networking datapaths while freeing up valuable CPU cycles. For network-port-to-VM traffic, it delivers 40Gbps line rate throughput at 128B packets while consuming less than 2 CPU cores. It can reach 50Gb/s line rate for 1000B packets. For network-port-to-network-port traffic that is more suitable for many service node applications, it delivers 80Gb/s line rate throughput at 500B packets while consuming less than 2 CPU cores. The Agilio LX 1x100GbE SmartNIC solution delivers 100Gb/s line rate throughput at 500B packets while consuming less than 2 CPU cores.


The Agilio LX SmartNIC products are designed for service node applications such as:
Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)
Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS)
Load Balancing (LB)

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