DPDK ROI Calculator

Netronome® Agilio™ intelligent server adapters (ISAs) accelerate DPDK- (Data Plane Development Kit) based networking applications, increasing throughput (Mpps) and bandwidth (Gb/s) to host processors. By offloading compute intensive server-based networking functions and utilizing multi-CPU socket platforms more efficiently, performance can be significantly improved, while freeing up CPU cycles for additional applications processing.

Netronome’s ISAs support use of a DPDK based Poll Mode Driver (PMD) which is designed for fast packet processing and low latency, eliminating the need for data to traverse through the Linux kernel and avoiding interrupt handling overhead for sending and receiving data to the x86 server. This ROI calculator shows the value of the Agilio family of adapters with DPDK based applications

Server Assumptions

Network Throughput Assumptions

  • 440 bytes
  • 40 GBPS
  • 80 GBPS

Other Server Adapter Assumptions

Data Center Configuration

Power Cost Assumptions

  • $120.00
  • Result

  • Other Server Adapter
  • Netronome-ISA
  • Capex Saving
  • Opex Saving

Number Of Servers