About Agilio SmartNICs

Server-based networking can be implemented in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server-based compute nodes and service nodes. Netronome® Agilio® family of SmartNICs provide the performance, functionality and programmability required by Cloud operators and service providers struggling to meet performance expectations without consuming massive CPU cores.

Agilio CX

for Compute Nodes

agilio-cx for compute nodes svg

With a low-profile PCIe form factor and 10, 25, 40 and 50GbE throughput, Netronome Agilio CX SmartNICs fully and transparently offload the entire virtual switch datapath processing for networking functions such as overlays, security, load balancing and telemetry, enabling compute servers used for server-based networking to deliver at their full potential.

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Agilio LX

for Service Nodes

agilio-lx-for service nodes

For service nodes that require the pinnacle of performance, Agilio LX 40/100GbE SmartNICs are specifically designed for virtualized and non-virtualized x86 server-based service nodes and WAN gateways. The solution delivers significant scaling and efficiencies for networking functions used in mobile core, security, load balancing and gateway applications.

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NFE-3240 Family

Appliance Adapters

Netronome Appliance Adapters (NFE-3240) are designed for networking and security appliances that require high-performance flow processing for network-port-to-network-port traffic. These PCIe adapters are ideal for use with x86-based appliances. Available in 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 6-port Gigabit Ethernet options, the NFE-3240 SmartNICs provide up to 20Gb/s of line-rate programmable packet and flow processing per card.

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