Cloud NFV Infrastructure

As Telco cloud service providers prepare to deliver innovative and rapid new services in mobile and IoT-enabled NFV infrastructures, performance and efficiency of the data center server farm become paramount considerations. Learn more about how Netronome can help.

High-Performance 4G/5G Cloud and NFV Infrastructure

High Performance


The core building block of the cloud NFV infrastructure is the server and the VMs that the server hosts. The applications that run in the VMs have different resource requirements – CPU, I/O, memory etc. As such, operators have to deal with different VM profiles, and the ability to place them efficiently on the server infrastructure has a direct impact on the operator’s ability to rapidly deliver the best services. Today, these challenges result in silos of servers that are configured differently, taking down operational efficiency. What is needed is a homogenous server infrastructure managed centrally using tools like OpenStack, where VMs with any profile can be placed anywhere in the server infrastructure and moved at will, while maintaining the highest levels of application performance.

ROI Calculator

This ROI calculator compares the CAPEX and three-year OPEX for NFV applications built using servers with Agilio CX SmartNICs. Compared to traditional NICs, the Agilio CX SmartNICs offload and accelerate server-based networking functions, helping NFV applications to run faster and improve overall server efficiency. The comparison shown below assumes an Intel server with 24 physical CPU cores and a 40GbE network interface per server. Additional configurations can be provided upon request.

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