Data Center Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Gateway

In today’s data center network architectures, many business processes and services need to traverse data centers and domains. VMs belonging to tenants need to communicate seamlessly across these boundaries. SDN-based data center gateways can be used to effectively link compute islands, potentially using many different networking technologies internally. SDN gateways require significant scale in terms of the number of flows and stateful security rules while maintaining high-throughput performance. Agilio software and hardware used in COTS servers can be used to build such gateway solutions.

Internet Gateway

Traditional internet gateways are IP or MPLS edge routers that connect a LAN to the internet using standard IP/MPLS protocols. Using Agilio SmartNICs and OVS software, these devices are being replaced with SDN-controlled gateway nodes rather than using routers with a distributed IP control plane on the edge. A common example of an SDN gateway architecture is terminating VLANs or VXLAN tunnels on one side of the gateway and translating into MPLS tunnels on the WAN side.

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Network virtualization is implemented using tunneling technologies such as VXLAN. End points in data centers may reside in VXLAN or VLAN domains, and these varied technologies are bridged together using VTEP (Virtual Tunnel Endpoint) appliances. VXLAN VTEP solutions can be implemented using Agilio software and hardware using COTS servers for a VTEP solution offering better performance over software-only approaches and a more cost-effective solution when compared to dedicated VTEP appliances.

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