OpenStack Cloud Networking

OpenStack cloud orchestration promises scalable, cost-effective private/hybrid clouds. However, OpenStack networking using Open vSwitch or Contrail vRouter Software imposes a significant CPU consumption and VM performance tax.


OpenStack networking using Neutron with the Open vSwitch (OVS) plug-in is the most widely-used cloud network setup in production. Both OVS and Linux connection tracking are used widely with OpenStack for server-based networking functions such as forwarding packets to VMs, QoS, load balancing and security as in Contrail vRouter for similar functions by utilizing MPLS/BGP-based technologies. When these functions are implemented in x86 servers, the performance penalty and CPU consumption burdens are unacceptable.

Agilio® SmartNICs with Agilio software provide complete integration with OpenStack, preserving all automation features for VM provisioning, startup, and shutdown while accelerating networking and security features as well as data delivery to VMs. Networking services are enabled with significant acceleration, freeing up CPU cores to improve server productivity and extending the applicability of hardware-accelerated OpenStack networking to a significantly larger set of cloud, NFV and SDN-based applications.


Agilio SmartNICs with Agilio software implement the entire compute node networking datapath in hardware. This applies to datapaths and stateless and stateful security policy rules configuration implemented via OVS, OVS with connection tracking, and Contrail vRouter. Packets are delivered to VMs using SR-IOV, DPDK and Express Virtio (XVIO). The Netronome solution enhances the respective OpenStack networking plug-ins for OVS/conntrack and Contrail vRouter to enable OpenStack to preserve automation of VM provisioning, startup, and shutdown while accelerating sophisticated networking and security services to VMs.

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