Express Virtio (XVIO) Technology

Express Virtio (XVIO) is a standards-based technology that delivers the highest networking performance, mobility and server resource utilization for Virtio-based virtual machine (VM) workloads. The innovative XVIO technology eliminates significant operational, performance and server efficiency-related challenges. XVIO brings to the standard Virtio drivers available in many Guest OS’s the level of performance of SR-IOV solutions but maintains full VM mobility. This enables virtual machines (VMs) managed using OpenStack to experience bare metal-like networking performance and at the same time supports complete hardware independence and seamless customer VM onboarding. For the cloud service provider, the benefit utilizing OpenStack cloud orchestration is a consistent and homogenous infrastructure where VMs can be placed and moved to optimize utilization of the data center while maintaining high performance.


XVIO capable Agilio SmartNIC and software can be utilized to deliver sophisticated networking services to VMs including multi-tenancy, service chaining, stateless and stateful policy rules, per-flow network analytics and load balancing:
Agilio CX SmartNICs
Agilio LX SmartNICs
Agilio OVS Software
Agilio OVS Firewall Software


XVIO with Agilio OVS and Agilio CX SmartNICs delivers 24Mpps. This includes a significant number of policy rules and VXLAN tunneling.
XVIO with Agilio vRouter and Agilio CX SmartNICs delivers 20Mpps. This includes a significant number of policy rules and VXLAN or MPLS over GRE tunneling.
Please contact Netronome for further details on benchmarking methodologies utilized.


XVIO delivers optimum performance and flexibility related to on-boarding customer VMs and virtual network functions (VNFs). This includes the ability to support live VM migration.
XVIO enables performance similar to SR-IOV while delivering rich networking services available with networking software such as OVS, Connection Tracking/Linux Firewall and Contrail vRouter.
XVIO achieves the highest server efficiency through CPU core savings, freeing them up for applications and VMs.


Technology Brief
Express Virtio – XVIO