Company Timeline

Our timeline highlights Netronome’s most distinguished accomplishments and showcases the company's innovation and technology achievements.


Netronome is founded by Niel Viljoen, David Wells and Johann Tönsing with the idea to develop programmable flow co-processing solutions that accelerate network and security processing in x86-based servers, virtualized and non virtualized.


Releases its first generation of 4x1GbE SmartNICs based on Intel IXP28XX NPU and FPGA technologies. Also, releases the industry’s first software-defined solution based on the Netronome Flow Manager (NFM).


Licenses IXP NPU micro engine (ME) processor technology and associated software from Intel Corporation. Licenses Arm processor technology from Arm Holdings. Integrates them with Netronome’s PCIe technology to develop the network flow processor (NFP).


Establishes itself as a fabless semiconductor company with a dedicated silicon development team in Boxborough, Massachusetts.


Launches the NFP-3K line of networking coprocessors, and enhances performance by adding 10GbE and PCIe Gen2 support. Fundamentally changes the silicon architecture to enable easier programming using Run-to-Completion (RTC) model for programming networking datapaths.


Based on the NFP-3K, introduces the second generation of 10GbE SmartNICs for accelerating x86-based servers and appliances. Delivers turnkey software for security and networking applications.


Evolves the Netronome software solutions to include standards-based flow and SDN frameworks using OpenFlow and Open vSwitch (OVS).


Sells its SSL inspection application software technology to Blue Coat Systems, while retaining all of its silicon and core software intellectual property. Establishes OEM customer relationship with Blue Coat supplying SmartNICs and associated software.


Introduces its third generation of 10/40/100GbE flow processing SmartNICs based on the NFP-6K, delivering enhanced turnkey Open vSwitch (OVS) and OpenFlow-based SDN gateway and security software applications, designed for x86-based network appliances.

Launches the NFP-6K flow processors. Makes fundamental improvements in the NFP silicon architecture: adds 40GbE and 100GbE ports, 5X more processing cores, a distributed mesh switching fabric, multiple integrated PCIe Gen3 interfaces, increased multi-threading performance between processing, accelerator and memory elements in the silicon, and DRAM-based wild-card matching capability.


Demonstrates P4 and C based programming on its SmartNICs, allowing users to change the behavior of networking hardware in cloud-based SDN and NFV deployments at the speed at which one can change open source networking software in servers.


Releases the industry’s first P4 and C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to enable simple and vendor-agnostic datapath programming on the generally available SmartNICs.

Introduces its fourth generation of 10/40GbE SmartNICs, branded as SmartNICs, using the new NFP-4K and production ready Agilio OVS software. Announces roadmap to support 25GbE, Contrail vRouter and Linux Firewall during the course of the year.


Netronome collaborates and partners with Ericsson, Juniper Networks, Mirantis and Nuage Networks from Nokia, integrating the Agilio SmartNIC Platform on the industry’s widest range of NFV infrastructure solutions.


Introduces the world’s smallest, lowest power 25/50GbE SmartNICs based on the OCP v2.0 mezzanine specification.

Announces the release of eBPF/XDP offload for Agilio SmartNICs, paving the way for tighter security and faster innovation for data center core and enterprise edge applications.

Introduces the Agilio FX SmartNIC, combining the NFP-4000 processor with a quad-core Arm v8, enabling high-performance control plane and data plane offload for bare metal cloud and data center applications.

Netronome forms Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) Workgroup with seven leading silicon companies to democratize production of SoCs for high-performance machine learning, security and networking applications.

Packet and Netronome partner to build SmartNIC-accelerated microservers for cloud-native and Edge workloads.


Introduces the industry’s first 50GbE SmartNIC in an OCP mezzanine 2.0 form factor with advanced cryptography and memory access technology.

Netronome-lead ODSA Workgroup flourishes with industry support and becomes chartered within the Open Compute Project Foundation.


Netronome's subsidiary, Mira Security, is born. Purely focused on encrypted traffic orchestration - for both physical and virtual instances.