What We Do

Breakthrough Agilio® Software works in concert with Agilio® CX SmartNICs to transparently offload virtual switch and virtual router data path processing, enabling compute servers used for server-based networking to deliver to their full potential.

What we do

Netronome invented the flexible network flow processor and hardware-accelerated server-based networking. Netronome unites the speed and flexibility of software innovation with the performance and efficiency of hardware. With Netronome, you get the efficiencies of mega-scale data centers in your own commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server and networking infrastructure.

Data center operators in organizations of any size are challenged to do more with their compute resources, to innovate more rapidly and at lower costs. They need new ways to deliver business applications and services in a more agile and secure way, while driving down overall TCO.

Limited Scale

Data center operators cannot economically scale their server-based networking using traditional software-based virtual switches, especially if their virtualized applications must perform at throughputs of 10Gb/s and higher.

Slow Innovation

Software-defined and open source networking is evolving at a rapid pace. But innovation stops the moment data center operators look to inflexible networking hardware for performance and scale.

Higher Costs

Implementing server-based networking in x86 architectures and software is a double whammy: It increases costs as too many CPU cores are consumed, and lowers performance as applications are starved for resources.

Server-based networking enables flexibility and rapid innovation by leveraging the networking software used in servers. Netronome’s SmartNICs solutions transparently offload and accelerate networking functions with capabilities such as virtual switching, virtual routing, connection tracking and virtual network functions, bringing the efficiencies of mega-scale data centers to businesses of all sizes.

What we do

Netronome utilizes a unique flow-processing-optimized silicon and software architecture that works in conjunction with standard and open source server-based networking software. The result is innovative solutions leveraging technologies and architectures proven by mega data centers such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, delivering comparable efficiencies to organizations of all sizes.

The Agilio Software evolves rapidly, in lock step with innovations in the server-based networking open source communities such as Open vSwitch, Open Contrail and Linux. Currently, Open vSwitch v2.4 is supported, with twice-yearly follow-on releases, expected to support Open vSwitch v2.5, Open Contrail vRouter, Linux Connection Tracking and Open vSwitch for Networking (OVN). As these datapath innovations are supported and accelerated using Agilio-supported hardware platforms, SDN controllers such as Open Daylight, Open Contrail and cloud orchestration tools such as OpenStack will be seamlessly supported.

Diagram of Open vSwitch Contrall vRouter
Illustration of cloud networking workload

Netronome increases services revenue and lowers data center CAPEX by delivering intelligent server networking solutions that run on industry-standard servers.

Preserves Standard Cloud Configuration

The only product that transparently offloads the entire Open vSwitch (OVS) datapath, preserving the use of a growing set of OVS-based standard configuration and automation tools such as OpenStack and automation tools, in virtualized, non-virtualized and bare metal server environments.

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Leading Price/Performance

The only product that transparently offloads the entire Open vSwitch (OVS) datapath to implement server-based networking applications, delivering line rate 40Gb/s throughput at 128 byte packets while consuming only one Xeon CPU core found in modern data center 1RU COTS servers. The nearest competitor delivers about 5Gbps while consuming more than ten Xeon CPU cores.

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Rapid Networking Innovation

The only product that has the capability to evolve rapidly (without a silicon spin) to support and transparently offload open source networking innovations in the Linux, OVS, Contrail and OpenStack communities.

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